Bamboo Massage (NEW!)

"The master therapist is real, calm, nonjudgemental, intelligent, sensitive, strong yet flexible, supportive, compassionate, empathic, and joyful."  ~John Barnes

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The 8-piece bamboo set used in Bamboo Massage vary in size and shape.  The set I work with includes:  four 6" half rounds (bottom row on right), one 6" round (bottom row on left), one 12" large diameter round (middle), and two 12" small diameter round tapotement sticks (top row).

The bamboo tools are warmed between two heating pads.  The bamboo allows the massage therapist to work deeper on clients wanting deeper pressure and can also be used in a Swedish Massage.  The bamboo can be used to stretch the tendons and ligaments at the joints.  Clients have said they feel their muscles are 'looser and more pliable' after receiving a bamboo massage.

The bamboo tools can be used with the client lying on a massage table or during a seated massage.

The bamboo can be used for:

      • Trigger Point
      • Deep Tissue
      • Myofascial Release
      • Rolling, Kneading, Friction
Bamboo Massage produces some of the same effects as a Swedish Massage and some Deep Tissue Massage.  Additionally, the massage therapist can cover a broad area with the bamboo, especially troublesome areas such as the:
      • neck
      • hips
      • shoulders
      • arms/forearms
      • back
      • thighs 
Due to the great effects and results from using the Bamboo Massage techniques, the Bamboo Massage has replaced the Deep Tissue Massage at my office.